Our Foundation

Imagination is not only the uniquely human capacity to envision that which is not, and therefore the fount of all invention and innovation. In its arguably most transformative and revelatory capacity, it is the power to that enables us to empathize with humans whose experiences we have never shared. - J. K. Rowling

Craving for nothing less than the best innovative and effective healthy living standard and facility in the world, Legacy Foundation wanted to create a unique environment that will reflect her team’s values: a commitment to providing leading-edge, research based quality health (in line with Sustainable Development Goal 3&6), long term perspective with commitment to excellence and integrity, and unwavering demonstration of stewardship in leadership dedicated to improving the health standards of others.

In order to ensure the highest standards of research cum evidence-based healthcare delivery, Legacy foundation insists on the involvement of an external Scientific Advisory Board of pre-eminent scientific leaders to confirm the quality of its appointments, processes and renewals.

The successful application of computer technology not only gave LHF the necessary edge to become a successful investor, but also convinced her of the importance of providing medical scientists with access to cutting-edge technology. The LHF believes in owning and running Institute’s state-of-the-art laboratory space, invest in advanced equipment, and recruitment of technology experts which reflect the Legacy commitment to technology and teamwork as more than two-fifth of the Institute’s scientific operating budget is devoted to staffing, equipping and running its technology centers.

From the very beginning, LHF envisioned that her offshoots would give rise to new insights into the fundamental processes underlying health and disease especially in Africa and the world at large. The mission of Legacy Institute is to improve human health and advance science by addressing unmet medical needs in areas that are considered too early, too risky, or too small for traditional private hospitals or pharmaceutical companies due to economic challenges.

Since information drivers remain imperative for efficient dissemination, LHF established two more wings to drive her targets home; Legacy Meds Peer Group and Legacy Opticals. The eye is the window to the soul remains a key driver for any individual who wants to tap into the inexhaustible wealth of human wisdom when harnessed, this propels the optical home to ensure sight is provided to aid living even for the elderly while Legacy Meds Peer Group working side-to-side with her Medical team ensures the promotion of whole well-being of individuals acting as health educators, personal health counsellors, health advocates, volunteer coordinators and advocates for social justice. Insofar, made available to the entire populace and medical communities through her educational arm: Legacycorner via her informative rallies and aired programs/broadcasts.

Our inventions mirror our secret wishes. - Lawrence Durrell